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1. How can I calculate my Death Date?

Based on your personal data such as your date of birth, place of origin, gender, current city, smoking and alcohol habits along with your food habits, type of work you are doing, height, weight, sleeping habits, etc., your death date is calculated.

You can simply visit our site to submit your personal data as asked by our death form. Fill out the form correctly and then click on the submit button to process the death reading by our AI.

2. Why does my date is calculated in three modes?

The system calculates death dates in three modes that are neutral, optimistic, and pessimistic. The present model is neutral that tells that you are going to live for 55 years, 8 months, and 27 days.

However, there can be many death dates as per your information provided. Though among them only three are said to be correct in 99%, of which is neutral 78% while pessimistic 12% and optimistic 8%.

3. According to I'm dead! What's wrong?

Seemingly, the Death date has stayed for a longer time. However, you may not need to worry, as it will appear once again.

4. How can I send someone his/her Death Date?

All you can do is simply share the URL of the page of their revealed death day.

5. What Are the Symbols of Death and how to read them?

Eventually, there are three symbols linked to your date of birth. They are actually the hint that interprets your day of death. Apart from this, there are also other ways of identifying your last day on earth, but we are not responsible to share with you the exact information about your death day. It completely depends on you.